Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/8

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These past few beautiful days
found my windows open to breezes
stirring the curtains and flapping the shades:
September slipping past the door
and into every nook and cranny,
fresh with air my home inhales...

My soul needs just those breezes, Lord,
your Spirit breathing grace in me
and cleansing what's gone stale
within my heart...

AC's no substitute for nature's way,
her breezy kisses all aflutter,
landing gently here and there,
sweet upon my flesh and deeper, too,
in places I'd forgotten...

Open wide the windows of my heart, Lord,
to breezes stirring in the curtained corners
where I sometimes hide from grace, from you,
and from your Spirit's sweet caress...

Raise the shades that keep me in the dark
and let September slip into my soul
to rouse your life within me...


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