Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/1

I came across this hymn for the first time just a few days ago but in researching it I've found that it's very popular in many Christian churches.

It's a simple, plaintive piece: a  prayer for someone looking for God's help through the hours of difficult days and trying times.

While I'm not personally in such a place just now, I've found this hymn helpful in praying for those in my parish and among family and friends who are struggling and looking for God's hand to help them make it through the day, through the night, through the next hour.

Perhaps this prayer will be helpful for you or perhaps you'll take some time to reflect on those you know who are struggling and use this song to pray for them.

So for you or for someone you know, here's a musical Pause for Prayer...

I Need Thee Every Hour by Don Moen on Grooveshark


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