Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/25

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Guide me in your truth and teach me, 
   for you are God my savior...
-Psalm 25:5

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It's been years since last I was in school, Lord,
in a classroom, at a desk,
but my student days aren't over:
I've got so much more to learn
more to study, more to read,
more homework yet to do...

You're my teacher, Lord,
my mentor, my personal professor,
my counsel and my wisdom,
the truth within my conscience
and the source of all I truly need to know...

But sometimes I'm a know-it-all
and think there's not much left to learn,
not much more to make my own
of all your wisdom offers,
of what your Spirit counsels...

Make me a student once again, Lord,
a student of your heart and word
that I might learn again the ancient truths
that you reveal anew in every age,
the truth you share with me each time I open up
my mind and soul to welcome in
what you reveal, what you would have me know...

You're my teacher, Lord, and so I wonder:
what might be your lesson plan for me today?
what is it that I need to learn
   or learn again?
what have I forgotten of your law
   that you'd have me review?
do I need some special tutoring,
   coaching or instruction?
what reading do I need to do?
what "homework" have I left undone?
what new insights will you share with me?
what counsel do I need
   to make the choices I'm now facing?
what errors in my thinking
   need correction or revision?

Remind me that my school days are not over,
that I've so much more to learn, Lord,
that there's no end to all you have to teach me
that you've a lesson plan for me today,
that it's always time for class...

Make me less and less a know-it-all
and more and more a student of your word...

Guide me in your truth and teach me, Lord,
for you are God my savior...



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