Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/3

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Keep me as the apple of your eye...
- Psalm 17:8 
at least once a day
and frequently more often,
I look in a mirror...

Sometimes I love what I see
too much
and sometimes I despise what I see
and fail to recognize
the imprint of your touch
upon my face...

Help me to love and reverence
the face I see, 
the face you created for me,
the face by which you know me,
the face you love...

Help me look into my own eyes
as you peer into my soul
and show me what you see within me,
what you love and cherish,
what you find worthy of your gaze...

Help me look within
to find what must be changed
that more faithfully I might reflect
and mirror the light of your face
shining on my own...

Help me look beyond
the features I would change
and find within what needs no change:
your image on my soul,
your countenance on mine...



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