Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/16

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Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

I know the things I really want today
but you know, Lord, the things I truly need...

And you know how you plan
to help me find this day whatever I might need
to live in peace with you, with those around me
and with myself...

Help me discern between my needs and wants:
make me unselfish and self-giving,
thinking first of others' needs
before my own...

And when you offer me your help,
your grace, your strength and deeper faith:
open up my heart and hands
to take in all your gifts
with thanks and praise...



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  1. You remind us of the unending and everlasting abundance of God's Love. Thanks for your gracious daily guidance and encouragement. Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. And thank you, Bob, for your readership and kind words!


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!