Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/14

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Sometimes, Lord,
I get lost inside my own mind...

I lose my way in the maze
of my thoughts and distractions,
my doubts and troubles,
my problems and my worries...

I meet crossroads of decisions
and don't know if I should go
left or right or straight ahead
or turn-around and start again...

I walk in circles in my mind
and come to know so well, too well,
the places I keep visiting, returning to
without a clue of where or how
to step outside, beyond the sphere of fears
that trap me in the corners of my mind...

Find me in the maze, Lord,
search me out and find me;
be my point of reference,
help me find my place and then my way
beyond the thicket of anxiety
that keeps me circling in my mind...

Find me in the maze
and take my hand in yours, Lord:
lead me, guide me, shepherd me
beyond my fears, beyond my tears,
from darkness into light...

Show me the way, Lord, the right direction,
even on a path that I may fear to walk
and give me courage and the strength I need
to face whatever lies ahead...

Help me trust you'll come to find me,
take my hand and gently lead me
to a place I cannot see right now,
a time I can't imagine,
a peace I think I've lost...

Sometimes I'm lost
in the maze of my own mind:
come and find me, Lord,
and stay right by my side...



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  1. Thank you for this prayer. It was just what I needed today.


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