Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/5

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Are there days when your heart feels so filled with difficulties and problems that there's just no room left for peace or serenity?

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

When I'm filled with sadness, Lord,
reach in and open up my heart
to the joy this day might bring...

When I'm angry and upset
make room inside my heart
for peaceful thoughts to find a home...

When I can't let go of my own way
nudge my heart to follow you,
wherever you might lead...

When I'm unconcerned with others' needs
enlarge my heart to care for theirs
before I tend my own...

When fears and worries stuff my heart
help me accept what I can't change
and change the things I can...

When my thoughts are less than pure
then cleanse my heart and my desires:
my motives and intentions...

When my soul is emptied of its hope
send your Spirit's breath to fill my heart
with trust in your abiding love...

When my heart's not sure of where to turn
then turn your heart to mine, Lord,
and fill me with your grace and peace...



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