Advent Peace: swords into plowshares

Statue at the United Nations, New York

Advent prepares us to celebrate Christmas but more importantly this season prepares us for the Day of the Lord when the Prince of Peace will come to claim creation and our hearts...  The powerful statue above and these lyrics reflect Sunday's first scripture reading from Isaiah.
Behold a broken world, we pray,
Where want and war increase,
And grant us, Lord, in this our day,
The ancient dream of peace:

A dream of swords to sickles bent,
Of spears to scythe and spade,
The weapons of our warfare spent,
A world of peace remade.

O Prince of peace, who died to save,
A lost world to redeem,
And rose in triumph from the grave,
Behold our waking dream.

Bring, Lord, your better world to birth,
Your kingdom, love's domain;
Where peace with God, and peace on earth,
And peace eternal reign.
Timothy Dudley-Smith, © 1989, Hope Publishing Co.


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  1. I would love to find the music that matches these words! What a wonderful Advent song suggestion... Thank you! - Jan

  2. Jan, you can sing these verses to the tune of Amazing Grace.


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