Pause for Prayer: Help me find my keys!

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In the last seven days of Advent the Church prays with seven "titles" of the Lord in anticipation of celebrating his birth at Christmas.  During this week before Christmas my Pause for Prayer will reflect each day on one of these titles, the first of which is Wisdom; the second, Adonai; the third Root of Jesse and the fourth, today, Key of David.

O Key of David?  To hold the key of the House of David is to hold the royal key, the key to the kingdom of God.  The key promised in Isaiah is laid on Jesus' shoulder, the One "whose dominion is vast and forever peaceful..."

O Key of David

Come with the key to my soul
and unlock my heart, Lord:
open me up to welcome in, to receive

every grace and blessing that's yours to give...

Come with the key to my mind
and open my confusion and chaos
to the serenity and peace of your presence...

Come with the keys to my problems, Lord
and open the doors of my heart 

to paths that lead me to you,
to the comfort I find in your company...

Come with the key to my selfishness:
and unlock what's hidden and hoarded 
in my heart, in my home and in the bank:
open my resources to those in want, Lord,
for I know I have more than I need...

Come with the key to my hope
and lead me out of despair and self-pity:
unlock the chains that hold me in fear
and open my heart to trust once again...

Come with the key to my affections, Lord,
the key to my desires and envy:
unlock the jealous doors that blind me
to all I have, all that's mine,
all you've given me so freely...

Come with the key to my feelings, Lord
and unlock my grudges and resentments,
the chips on my shoulder, things big and small
keeping me a prisoner in my own emotions:
set me free in peace of mind and heart...

In this holy Advent time and in every season, Lord,
on every day and through each night:
turn the key and open the place you keep for me
within your loving heart...



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