Pause for Prayer on New Year's Day

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Today's Pause for Prayer comes from my friend Alden Solovy. I've been pleased to share a number of Alden's prayers with you over the years and I'm happy to tell you he's just published a new book, Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing. I was pleased when Alden invited me to write a short blurb for his book cover and glad now to share the news of his new book with all of you.

Another Year: An Introspection

Another year slips away,
As they all do,
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Moment by moment.
Many used wisely,
Many wasted.

Another year opens,
As they all do,
With anticipation,
With wonder and amazement,
With excitement.
With consolation.

Was last year so different from the one before?
What will the New Year bring?
What will I bring to the New Year?

This I pledge to myself:
Love is my answer to grief,
Hope is my answer to loss,
Strength is my answer to fear,
Honor is my answer to slander,
Action is my answer to injustice.

This I pledge to you
Dear sisters and brothers:
To see you as you are,
To respect your journey,
To hear your truth,
To stand with you in dignity,
To walk with you as a companion and friend.

This I pledge to You
God of my ancestors:
To seek Your wisdom,
To follow Your command,
To obey Your Law,
To observe Your Sabbath,
To rejoice in Your works,
To do Your will.

God of time and space,
Another year slips away,
As they all do.
Another year opens before me,
As they all do:
With one hundred choices,
One thousand possibilities
And one sacred duty.
Life. This life. My life.

© 2010 Alden Solovy and www.tobendlight.com


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