Phil Chircop, SJ

I'm often been led to prayer by posts on FaceBook from Phil Chircop but only today did I become aware that Phil has a blog, A-mused: with eyes wide open, beholding the extra-ordinary in the daily ordinariness of people, things and events.

Phil is a Jesuit priest whose ministry includes directing retreats and spiritual direction.  I'm pleased to add a link to his blog to my sidebar and I encourage you to visit there for his posts on prayer and spirituality. 

In writing tomorow's Pause for Prayer, I took my inspiration from an image on Phil's blog and I look forward to sharing that with you - but I hope you'll click on the link to see for yourself what he has to offer you.


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  1. I don't see the link on the sidebar.


  2. The linked word is A-mused


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