Monday Morning Offering: January 13

Image: George Mendoza

Audio for today's Monday Morning Offering

Good morning, good God..

Too many distractions, Lord:
some big, some little,
outside, inside, all around...

So many things to take my mind
off all I want to do
and all I need to do...

Too many fears and worries
renting rooms inside my soul
and filling me with bother...

So much wasted time and effort
chasing down dead-ends
to nowhere and for nothing...

Step in, Lord, and focus me
on you and all deserving
of my mind and heart's attention...

Evict the vagrant doubts
that haunt my thoughts
and clutter up my mind...

Keep me from the chase
of worry wasted on false
and foolish fears...

Turn on the light, Lord,
and dismiss misgivings lurking
in the shadows of unrest...

Let my faith in you renew
my strength and trust,
my confidence and hope...

Remind me often, Lord,
that with you fast by my side
all shall be well, all shall be well...

All manner of things
shall be well
with you fast by my side...

And so, my morning offering, Lord,
this day, tonight
and through the week ahead...


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