Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 1/16

Robert Indiana
Help me, Lord:
   to do no wrong to my neighbor today,
   to do no wrong to my family,
   to do no wrong  to my friends,
   to do no wrong to my enemies,
   to do no wrong to my coworkers, 
   to do no wrong to strangers,
   to do no wrong to myself... 
Help me, Lord,
   to love you today before and above all others
   and to love my neighbor as myself...
Owe no debt to anyone except the debt that binds us
   to love one another...
Love never wrongs the neighbor...
-Romans 13


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twidnersj said...

The LOVE painting is by an artist who goes by the name Robert Indiana and is not by Andy Warhol.

Austin Fleming said...

Many thanks for the correction - made!