Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 1/8

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it's so cold in so many places
and I mean really cold!

I pray for the homeless, Lord,
and for those who shelter them this winter - and all year 'round...

I pray, too, for hearts chilled by loneliness:
wrap and warm them, Lord, in comforters of love...

I pray for those who've lost electricity and heat
and for those working 'round the clock to restore service...

I pray for souls frozen by bitterness and anger:
defrost them, Lord, in your mercy and forgiveness...

I pray for the safety and health of first responders
and all who work outdoors in the cold...

I pray for hearts iced by hurt and disappointment:
Lord, thaw them with consoling hope...

And I pray for my own heart, Lord:
when I fail to warm to you and my neighbor
burn within me 'til my heart melts in yours...



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