Monday Morning Offering: February 17

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Good morning, good God!

I've had it with the snow, Lord.
I've had it with the cold.
I've had it with this winter.

(And I guess I've had it with Daniel 3:67, too!)

All this snow gets in my way
and narrows my road;
it slows me down, disrupts my life
and freezes my plans...

So where's the blessing, Lord?

Where's the blessing in this long,
slippery, sloppy season?

Help me find the blessing, Lord,
in storms I can't control
that chill my nights and days,
that make the going rough
whichever way I turn...

Help me find the blessing in the cold
when warmth is what I need...

Help me find your blessing when I'm buried
in the frost and snow
and longing for a season's change
within and all around me...

Your blessings come, I know,
as often in the winter as in spring,
as surely in the snow as in the sunshine,
in February just as well as April, May and June...

I cannot wait for spring to find your grace
so help me find your winter blessings, Lord,
the ones I trust you have in store for me
to warm my shivering soul...

Help me learn to bless you in the cold,
to praise you in the chill, the frost and snow:
help me learn to bless you, Lord,
in all the seasons of my heart...
Cold and chill, bless the Lord,
frost and chill, bless the Lord,
hoarfrost and snow, bless the Lord.
praise and exalt him above all forever...



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  1. Just perfect for today!! Thank you...


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