St. Catherine's Day

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Today is the feast of St. Catherine of Sienna.  Take a few moments to pray with her beautiful imagery (below) in speaking of the Trinity and the Eucharist. (And for more words of wisdom from Catherine, see this page.)
And I shall clothe myself in your eternal will,
and by this light I shall come to know
that you, eternal Trinity,
are table
and food
and waiter for us.
You, eternal Father,
are the table
that offers us food,
the Lamb, your only-begotten Son.
He is the most exquisite of foods for us,
both in his teaching,
which nourishes us in your will,
and in the sacrament
that we receive in Holy Communion,
which feeds and strengthens us
while we are pilgrim travelers in this life.
And the Holy Spirit
is indeed a waiter for us,
for the Spirit serves us this teaching
by enlightening our mind's eye with it
and inspiring us to follow it.
And the Spirit serves us charity for our neighbors
and hunger to have as our food.


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