Monday Morning Offering: 5/5

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I remember last fall, Lord,
and thinking of you under night's dark cover,
painting the trees in autumn hues...

I pictured you with brush in hand,
carefully coloring the leaves, one by one,
'til trees and forests, blazed in red and gold,
smoldered in deep crimson: a season's last hurrah...

And now you're back for spring, Lord,
coaxing every shade of green to bud
on bush and tree, in fields and yards:
a new hurrah and alleluia,
harbingers of life refreshed,
renewed, restored, reborn...

So, while you're here, Lord,
I pray you'll come cajole a springtime in my heart,
a graceful budding in my soul,
a greening of what's dry and dusty deep within me...

Let new growth spring to life in me
and burst from winter's hold upon my heart
to burgeon with great promise, unrevealed 
but waiting even now to blossom
once its time has come...

I want, I need, I pray
a springtime in my soul, Lord...

Take my winter-wearied self,
and warm me to your grace:
draw forth from me what none, not I,
expect to spring from tired, barren limbs...

Work your miracle of spring within me, Lord:
bring out the beauty and the strength,
the life and promise you have never failed to see
and I've so often failed to find...

Raise a springtime in my soul, Lord...

Bring a greening and a budding to my heart,
good God of Monday mornings
and of every day this week...



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  1. Why do I not get this anymore? A couple weeks ago they just stopped coming although I am subscribed.

  2. I've posted several times about the problems I'm having with Feedburner which is the subscription service. I'm doing everything I can to rectify this - please be patient - I don't want to lose you! And of course, in the meantime you can go directly to www.ConcordPastor.blogspot.com


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