Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/16

Photo by CP

If I'd driven instead of walking,
if I'd hurried rather than taking my time,
if I hadn't crossed the street to take a closer look
I'd have surely missed their mystery:
a gorgeous eastern red bud tree,
sprouting from its bark a rare corsage,
worthy of a senior prom...
and fragrant lilacs, understated elegance,
rehearsing a perfect curtsy
for their spring debut...
Photo by CP

If only I'd slow down, Lord,
to take in what's around me:
what mystery I might meet,
what fragrance might give hint
of your fine presence blossoming
in places I might miss
and so miss you...

Photo by CP


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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!!!

    You probably know that legend says that originally all Redbuds were tall, strong and stately trees that bore beautiful white flowers. However, when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and committed suicide by hanging himself, the tree he chose was the Redbud. The tree was so ashamed of the role it played that forever more it would not grow big or strong enough to be used for hanging. The wood became brittle and the flowers, no longer pure, lost their white color and blushed in shame instead, hence the alternate name for Redbuds: the Judas Tree. It always flowers during Easter season, early, and before any34 leaves appear.

    I thank you for the many lovely inspirations, thoughts, and prayers that you share with us. They are truly gifts.


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