Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/2

A Little Prayerful Medicine

SYMPTOMS: Things are tough; nothing's going right; looks like there's no way out; you feel like your troubles never end; you're wondering where God is; you feel like giving up or giving in.

DIRECTIONS:  Take a deep breath and say Julian's prayer three times, slowly.

DOSAGE: Repeat as necessary.

This simple prayer is one I often suggest to others.  Yesterday, a good friend reminded me of this prayer and his reminder came at just the right moment...  So often, the simplest prayers are the best prayers.  Julian's words above are not simplistic, nor do they promise an easy end to troubles.  Rather, they give us a way to express our faith, our hope and our trust that, in the end, all things are in God's hands and that in God's hands "all manner of things shall be well..."


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