For years I've used FeedBurner: a service for my readers who receive a daily email (early in the morning, EST) with links to my newest posts.

Over the past couple of weeks the number of my 1300 subscribers has been cut almost in half!  They've not unsubscribed and I've not deleted them - FeedBurner is the culprit!

Nor am I alone in this.  Many others are facing the same problem and there is absolutely no tech advice available from FeedBurner (which is a free service).

I'm going to switch to another service and that's probably going to be FeedBlitz.  Anyone out there have any experience with FeedBlitz or with another service you'd recommend?

I don't want to lose my readers!


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  1. Give everyone a link to your website

  2. People have the link, what they are missing is the daily delivery in email.

  3. I myself have been receiving the emails just find - I'm a relatively new subscriber who found out about your blog from a relative in MA. Do you know if there is any pattern to the ones not receiving the feed? Old subscribers vs new, certain email client, etc... might be helpful in trying to narrow the issue down.l

  4. Thanks, Connie. I know how much my numbers have fallen but I don't know which among all my subscribers are those who are being left out in the cold. I believe that switching my
    service is the best solution. AND, I believe I'll be able to transport the 700+ still receiving to my new server. Working on it!

  5. Many thanks for your efforts to continue to serve so many beyond your commitment to the people whom you pastor in your parish.

  6. Many thanks for your efforts in this manner. This truly is "above and beyond." We are blessed by the sharing of the prayers of your heart as they stir the fire within ours.

  7. Austin,

    Good move! Copy your 1300 subscribers and import them. Hopefully there is a spot to send them a message.

    Most likely they will not even notice the change


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