UPDATE on subscription problems


Thanks to those of you have written to say that your subscription to my blog has not been interrupted and thanks to those who have written to say there's still a problem.

I think I may have just found a solution but I suspect you won't see a difference until tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

FWIW:  Feedburner is NOT a user-friendly service!

Be sure of this - I don't want to lose any subscribers!  Thanks for your patience while I work on this problem.

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  1. I haven't received anything for the past week or so... do I need to sign up again. I really miss your daily reflection.

  2. Dear Pennyante,
    You can try sigining up again, but I don't think that will help. The problem is that I don't know what the problem is! :-( I'm thinking that I need to switch to another service. If my stats are correct, I've lost about half of my 1300 subscribers! Of course, you can check in each day by going to www.concordpastor.blogspot.com but I know that subscribing makes things much easier. I'm going to post on Monday asking if any of my readers can help me with this. Please be patient and don't leave!

    1. Thank you! I miss getting them in my email.

  3. Father, I truly miss your reflections on a daily basis. I haven't received them in several weeks. God bless your ministry! Hope this can gfy fixed soon. Fr Bill Dowd

  4. Go to www.ConcordPastor.blogspot.com for the latest on this problem. I am working on it. And until it's fixed you can, of course, go to my page each day. But I hope to restore the ease of the subscription service a.s.a.p. I don't want to lose my readers!

  5. I'll wait... Hope it's fixed soon. I'll check the website but be sure to keep your mailing list... :)


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