Monday Morning Offering: 6/30

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

So today, Lord...

I offer you the musings of my mind’s imagination
and pray that you’ll enlighten me
with reason, truth and prudence…

I offer you the words I speak, the words I write and post,
and pray you'll sift them through the sieve
of charity and wisdom...

I offer you my soul's desires, my passions, thirsts and hungers,
and pray you'll tend and tame me
with integrity and grace…

I offer you the things I do, day in, day out - my deeds,
and pray you'll teach my heart to give
with selfless generosity…

I offer you my attitude, my feelings and my moods
and pray you’ll heal and lift me up
with hope, in peace, to joy...

I offer you my weaknesses, my failings, faults and sins
and pray you’ll pardon all of them
with mercy undeserved…

I offer you today, Lord, the whole of who I am:
bend, mold and shape and change me:
recreate me in your love…

I offer you the week ahead, its trials and its troubles,
and pray you'll stand right by my side
to hold me fast and faithful... 

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