Monday Morning Offering: June 16

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God...

I know the burdens others carry, Lord,
   the heavy loads they bear...

I know their many disappointments,
  the discouragement they face...

I know the faith of those who pray for help -
   and wait and wait
      and wait for it to come...

And I know each day how they rise up
   and put their hope and trust in you again
      and then again and then again...

So when smaller burdens wear me down
    and weigh upon my heart
remind me, Lord, of others' faith
   and how they make it, day by day...

When worries start to mushroom
   in my imagination, fears and dreams,
let me see them as they truly are
   and help me trust in you, again...

Keep me mindful of the molehill
   and the mountain it becomes
and let me see my daily struggles
   as they are: no more, no less...

Lift me up and help me lift up those
   whose burdens outweigh mine:
in my reaching out help me let go
   my apprehension and distress...

I offer you my cares and woes
   and pray I find your peace, Lord:
give me faith and hope in you
   and strength to ease my neighbor's lot...


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