Monday Morning Offering: June 23

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God...

It's summertime, Lord,
but life and work go on and, as always,
I need your help...

The week ahead promises to be a busy one
with its own difficulties 
and, I'm sure, some challenges...

As I walk through this week, Lord,
stay by my side,
keep me on the right path
and lead me where you'd have me go...

As we walk together, you and I,
help me see through your eyes
the people I meet and work with
and the circumstances I encounter;
help me see what on my own I'd surely miss
and keep me from distraction
over what's a waste of time and unimportant...

Close by your side, Lord,
let me hear with your ears what others come to share:
their needs, their questions and their counsel;
help me listen to all voices 
and not just those agreed with mine;
and help me hear what's genuine and honest
that the truth will guide my work...

With you as my companion, Lord,
help me speak as you would speak:
help me say what others truly need to hear;
give me your word with its comfort and compassion;
and keep watch over the words of my lips
lest my speech mislead or hurt...

As we work together this week, Lord,
give me your strength to do what's right
when easier options beckon;
give me your wisdom to discern what's just
and the will to follow through;
and give me your patience to pace my work
and keep my mind and mouth connected...

Lord, be my colleague and companion,
my patron and my partner,
my guardian and my guide...

Be with me, Lord, 
and keep me by your side this Monday morning
and through the week ahead...

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