Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 6/21

It's the first day of summer, Lord...

Whatever summer holds for me,
I pray you'll walk right by my side
in good times and in hard times
- day by day by day...

Whatever summer asks of me,
I pray for strength to do it
for my family, friends and neighbors,
and especially for the poor...

Whatever I, this summer, hope
I pray I'll come to find it:
where I am, in my own life,
within my mind and heart...

Whatever change this summer brings
I pray I might accept it
with grace and trust and strength,
in peace and with your help...

Whatever wonder summer airs
I pray I'll welcome warmly:
the unexpected, simple, rare,
new gifts your hand reveals...

Whatever time this summer yields,
I pray I'll share with you
more quiet moments spent in prayer,
in peace and by your side...

Whatever joy this summer spares,
I pray I'll swim its seas and bathe
in its warm sun and find
a season of your love...


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