Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/5

Photo by CP

On Wednesday, on my way into a meeting,
I passed this glorious dogwood tree
and pledged to stop on my way back
and take the time to savor such a gift...

Such promises I've often made
and haven't kept - but yesterday,
by God's own grace, no doubt,
I stopped on my return...

Photo by CP

What great reward for simply slowing down,
for hitting pause in my day's rush
and stopping to take in a thing of beauty
brought to bloom by God's own hand...

These blossoms won't last long
and my hurried steps could well have passed them by
had grace not tugged upon my sleeve and whispered,
Please, slow down: this gift was left for you...

Yes, God leaves for me, for all, a trail of beauty
and the grace to open wide our eyes to find and walk it.
So, please, slow down today and see, 
don't miss, the simple gifts God's left for you...

Photo by CP


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