As the sun sets on my vacation

Photo by Joe Colletti

Well, the sun is setting on the last day of my vacation...

Tomorrow I'll head back to Concord, refreshed and ready for the kind of weekend that is usually mine: word and worship with the wonderful people of Holy Family Parish!

Here are the Top Ten Ways I Know My Vacation Is Over

10. I set an alarm clock (actually, two!) before I go to bed.

9. I get up before noon.

8. I put on shoes and socks in the morning.

7. When I come home: no one has made my bed, emptied my waste baskets or placed fresh towels in the bathroom.

6. It matters if I shave - and what time of day I shave.

5. I check my calendar in the morning to see what my day holds.

4. I wear a lot of black.

3. Thursday, Friday and Saturday find me preoccupied with the Sunday scriptures and a homily waiting to be written, preached and posted.

2. What sailed gracefully beyond the horizon on vacation returns with the incoming tide.

1. I'm back on the other side of the Sagamore Bridge and I have to start checking my email!

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  1. Sorry for you that your respite has come to an end, but happy for us that you will be back home.



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