Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/28

Lord, you have so many titles
and just as many mighty names:
Shepherd, King, Prince of Peace,
Son of God, Emmanuel,
Redeemer, Savior, Bread of Life...

But today, in prayer, I call on you,
I praise you and I name you:
Doorman of my soul...

Doorman of my freedom:
you open doors to let me out
from where I'm trapped, confused,
closed in, confined and stuck...

Doorman of serenity: 
you open doors to let me in
to where I long to be,
to make my home, to live in peace...

Doorman of my hope:
you open all the doors that open
on tomorrow and to dreams
I've had and held so long...

Doorman of my soul:
you open doors within
to open up my heart to you
and others all around me...

You are my Doorman, Lord:
you're always there to open yet another door
to faith, to hope, to love
and to tomorrow...

But often I'm too lazy, Lord, 
too cautious, tired and timid,
too angry, jealous and stubborn to walk in
where you've opened one more door...

And you know, Lord, as I do
exactly where that leaves me
when I stand before an open door
and fail to cross its threshold...

This past week, as always
you opened many doors for me
and two times now, by coming in,
I found a peace I had forgotten,
a joy I hadn't hoped for
and calm within my soul...

So today, in prayer, I give you thanks,
I call on you and name you
the Doorman of my soul...

Be the Doorman of my heart, Lord,
and keep opening the doors
to what I need, what brings me peace,
to what I dream of, hope and pray for...

So, give me grace and strength, Lord,
and the wisdom I desire
to enter where you open,
O Doorman of my life...


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  1. On the feast day of St. Augustine I wish you a happy name day, Austin!



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