Word for the Weekend: AUGUST 17

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Whether you're on vacation or not, it's time to turn to the scriptures for this coming weekend and prepare for hearing what the Lord will speak to us. (In fact, if you are on vacation - you have more time than usual to do so!)

The scriptures (and commentary on them) address the relationship of Jews and Gentiles in the redeeming plan of God's love.

Of this Sunday's texts John Kavanaugh, SJ writes at the site linked above:
Isaiah announced a God whose salvation and justice would be open to aliens. “For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” Thus, the psalmist wrote that all nations would come to praise God. St. Paul, in his reconciling claims of Jew and Gentile, reminded the Romans that a more universal truth of God’s mercy is revealed in the failures of both. 
It's interesting, then, to see in the gospel what Jesus says and does along these lines.

If you click on the link above, you'll discover how a hungry dog, sitting under the dinner table waiting for a snack, figures into this week's scripture message.

Got kids? Here's where to go to help them prepare for this Sunday. If you have a dog or your child knows a family with a dog - there's a great image here to start the conversation!

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