Love your neighbor as yourself...

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Strong words this weekend!

Read the texts and some brief commentary on them to help you prepare for Mass this Sunday.

Bringing children to Mass with you this weekend?  How'd you like them to listen to the readings?  You can work towards that by helping them prepare to hear what the Lord's word will be, right here.

In this week's readings...

The prophet Ezekiel reminds us that the Lord gives us all fair warning on the rules for the game of life. (Have we read the rules?  Do we play by them?  Whose rules do we follow?)

St. Paul lists some of those rules but reminds us that every law finds its ultimate source and meaning in the command that we love one another.  

And Matthew gives us the protocol for handling situations when we offend one another by breaking the rules.  (How do we live by this protocol in our families? our neighborhoods? in our parishes?  at our jobs? in the world?)


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