Monday Morning Offering: 9/29

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Got a few requests, Lord...

   Could you just slow things down a little
   in the week ahead?

   Could you fill in the potholes
   and smooth out the bumps in my road?

   Could you make things in my life
   much less complicated and a whole lot simpler?

   Could you let up on the heavy stuff
   and throw me a couple right down Broadway?

   Could you give me the time I need
   to actually get a few things done?

   Could you give me a chance to slow down
   and catch my breath?

   Could you help me be better
   at sorting out the big things from the small stuff?
   Could you take a few things off
   my already very full plate?

   Could you put a temporary hold
   on my in-box?

   Overall, could you just chill
   and cut me some slack?

And if all this ask asking too much, Lord,
then how about this?

   Could you help me manage my time better,
   see things in perspective,
   make more time to rest,
   sit with you in prayer
   and not take myself so damn seriously?
Thanks, Lord, for whatever you can do -
   especially on that last one!

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