Monday Morning Offering: 10/20

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

So I'm wondering, Lord,
what will I offer you today
in my Monday morning prayer...

Shall I offer you my heart
with all its ragged imperfections
and pray you do some healing
of its rough and tumble edges?

Shall I offer you my mind
and all my idle, wasteful musings
and pray your light of wisdom
illumine all my thoughts?

Shall I offer you my dreams
and all my fantasies and schemes,
and pray you bring sharp focus
to my vision and my plans?

Shall I offer you my grudges,
my resentments and my anger
and pray you mend and heal
the hurt and pain to which I cling?

Shall I offer you my envy,
my jealousy of others,
and pray you show me clearly
all the gifts I truly have?

Shall I offer you my lust,
my cravings and my greed
and pray you cleanse and purify
my longings and desires?

Shall I offer you my apathy,
my lethargy and dullness
and pray your Spirit's fire
burn afresh deep in my soul?

Shall I offer you my joy,
my contentment, all my peace
and pray I come to understand:
without you I have none?

Shall I offer you my faith
with my uncertainty and doubt
and pray for greater, deeper trust
in all that I believe?

Shall I offer you my hope 
although I haven't much to spare
and pray you give me confidence
in all you've pledged and promised?

Shall I offer you this prayer then
as another week begins and ask that in my stumbling words
you hear what my heart speaks?

Yes, I'll offer you this litany, Lord,
my Monday morning offering
of needs and pleas and trust you'll walk
this day, this week with me... 



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