Monday Morning Offering: OCTOBER 13

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It was the hot water
in my shower this morning
that shook me from sleep
and woke me to this day...

And then it was you, Lord,
(I know it was)
gently tapping on
the shoulder of my heart

to tell my waking soul
you'd be with me
the whole day long, through
all my ups and downs...

that you'd be there
when I'm weak and
sorely tempted to give in
or to give up...

how with your strength
and with your grace
you'd give me heart
to do what I must do

to follow through
and do the next right thing
to help me make it
through the day...

I know you'll give me all I need
to live in peace with you
and with myself and with all 
whose paths cross mine...

You won't fail me
and so I pray I won't fail you
in being open and accepting
of all the help you'll offer...

It was early in the morning
that you woke me to your love:
stay with me, as you promised, Lord,
stay with me through this day...



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