Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/10

Lord, you've given me another day:
a day to live and spend in love,
a day for serving others,
a day for giving thanks,
a day for you and me to share...

Of the 24 hours before me,
may I waste not even one
in idleness or fear,
in selfishness or anger...

Help me spend some time today
in helping others, serving others,
reaching out to someone
who's forgotten or ignored...

Help me make and take some time today
just for you and me:
to sit in silence or to speak
but most of all - to be at peace...

Help me see where your path takes me:
give a prompt, a nudge, a shove
- give me all the stuff I need -
to follow where your Spirit leads...

If tears should bless my cheeks today,
be there to gently wipe them dry
and if my heart should find a smile
let it show with joy upon my face...

When I'm tired today, Lord, give me strength,
when I move too fast, then slow me down;
when I say too much, please let me know
and when I should speak, make wise my words...

Give me patience with my neighbor
and patience, too, with you, Lord;
oh! and give me patience with myself
and help me keep it in today...

You've given me another day
to live and spend in peace:
guide my steps and keep me safe, Lord,
'til I fall asleep tonight...


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