Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/26

Photo by Mark Penta
(Click on the photo for a larger version)

Before you strip the trees of all their color, Lord,
before the branches shed their leafy trim,
take out your brush once more and camouflage my life...

Blend me in and hide me in the colors all around
and clothe me in a jacket dyed blood red:
fall's final affirmation, autumn's triumph,
nature signing as the artist on all the work you've done,
your promise of life's victory over any season's passing...

Paint me in the scene and let me see within
the beauty all about me, the colors of your life
bleeding out from my soul's palette, mixed and
brightened in this late October's light...

Camouflage my life in shades and hues of grace, Lord,
and blend me into your embrace as my heart sheds
its fallish frock and looks to winter's coming
and its gray and shorter days...

Clothe my soul in blood red love
and plant the seeds of spring within 
where they might sleep
'til light and warmth again will tease and rouse them
and they wake to bloom
in gardens of your colors,
in fields of wild beauty...


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