Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/30

I watch a leaf, falling from its branch,
   skittering here and there,
      dancing down the street
         at the wind's own whim and will...

I walk and I begin to follow that one leaf:
   it dawdles and it pokes along, then of a sudden,
      with surprising lift, it leaps - a jeté -
         sprung of spirit my soul longs and thirsts for...

I am that leaf, Lord, 
   often stalled or stilled upon the grassy path
      and sometimes skipping all about 
         as if I held a secret I just couldn't wait to share...
I am that leaf, Lord, 
   and your Spirit's the wind beneath my wings 
      to give me flight and
         gently set me down to rest...

I am that leaf, Lord:
   without your breath I'd have no life, no power
      to rise above what keeps me down,
         to fly beyond what holds me back...
I am that leaf, Lord:
   I call for you to lift me up,
      to raise me out of sorrow's depths
         to joy I know is found in you alone...

When your wind begins to give me flight
   let nothing weigh so heavy on my heart
      that I should fail and fall
         and miss your Spirit's wing...

I am that leaf, Lord, and you're the wind I need
   to breathe, to dance, to run, to play, 
      to live and make my way with grace
         along this path of mine...

In the quiet of my prayer 
   and in the power of your Spirit,
      lift me up and carry me along
         to where you guide my soul to fly this day...

In the stillness, Lord, help me recall
   the days and ways you've carried me 
      when I've not guessed or known 
         the source of all my strength...

In my prayer, Lord, help me see
   your Spirit's been my breath, my life, 
      and most of all my hope when I have been
         that lonely leaf, falling from its branch...


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