Word for the Weekend: November 16

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Matthew's gospel this weekend offers us the parable of the talents (talents, here, stand for cash - not skills). The first scripture gives us Proverbs' description of the worthy wife and the faithful way in which she lives out her life in love and service of others.  Keep in mind that the scriptures we hear at the end of the current liturgical year (a new year begins with the First Sunday of Advent on November 30) call us to consider the end times and how we are preparing for them.  The second lesson, from 1 Thessalonians, fits this theme very well, cautioning us to remain "sober and alert" lest the Day of the Lord catch us unawares!

For the scripture texts and brief commentaries on them, check here and if you're bringing children to Mass this weekend you'll find hints here designed to help them prepare to hear the Lord's Word.

Just a few moments with these links will prepare you to hear the Lord's Word this Sunday - and perhaps better prepare you for the Day of the Lord!


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