Prayers for New Year's Day

Here's a buffet of reflections from which to choose 
as you Pause for Prayer on New Year's Day!

Another Year: An Introspection
Another year slips away,
As they all do,
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Moment by moment.
Many used wisely,
Many wasted.

Another year opens,
As they all do,
With anticipation,
With wonder and amazement,
With excitement.
With consolation.

Was last year so different from the one before?
What will the New Year bring?
What will I bring to the New Year?

This I pledge to myself:
Love is my answer to grief,
Hope is my answer to loss,
Strength is my answer to fear,
Honor is my answer to slander,
Action is my answer to injustice.

This I pledge to you
Dear sisters and brothers:
To see you as you are,
To respect your journey,
To hear your truth,
To stand with you in dignity,
To walk with you as a companion and friend.

This I pledge to You
God of my ancestors:
To seek Your wisdom,
To follow Your command,
To obey Your Law,
To observe Your Sabbath,
To rejoice in Your works,
To do Your will.

God of time and space,
Another year slips away,
As they all do.
Another year opens before me,
As they all do:
With one hundred choices,
One thousand possibilities
And one sacred duty.
Life. This life. My life.

- Alden Solovy

21 Short Prayers 

Calm me, quiet me, settle me... 
Steady me, balance me, ground me... 
Plant me, root me, embed me... 
Support me, sustain me, protect me... 
Forgive me, pardon me, free me... 
Refresh me, restore me, heal me... 
Enfold me, embrace me, hold me... 
Lord, hear my prayer today!


A Prayer for When There's Too Much Going On!

When there's too much going on,
give me your peace, Lord...

When I'm feeling overwhelmed,
come lift me up...

When things are moving much too fast,
then slow me down, Lord...

When it seems I just won't make it,
give me hope...

When I don't know where to turn,
show me the way...

When I'm totally confused,
give me your wisdom...

When I hurt inside and out
touch me with healing...

When I wonder where you are,
show me your face, Lord...

When I cannot find an answer,
speak your truth...

When I don't know how to pray,
send me your Spirit...

When I'm feeling all alone,
stay by my side...

When I'm tired and worn out,
refresh my strength, Lord...

And when I cannot fall asleep,
send me good dreams...


We're still in the Christmas season!
Here's a blessing from my parish to you...


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  1. Thanks for the Prayer When too Much is Going On. I'm printing it our and posting it on my bulletin board.


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