Word for the Weekend: EPIPHANY January 4

Art by He Qi

The traditional date for Epiphany was January 6 but in recent years it has been assigned to the Sunday closest to that date.  This year, we'll celebrate Epiphany on January 4.

You will find the readings and background material on them here
and hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word this weekend here.

The gospel on Epiphany is always taken from Matthew.  Why?   Because Matthew's is the only gospel that tells the story of the visitors from the east.

The illustration here, by He Qi, shows the magi being warned in a dream to return home by another route.  If you check out the gospel text for Sunday, you'll find the scriptural basis for this image.

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  1. I found at the Happy Catholic blog a
    Carving of the Magi from the Romanesque Cathedral of Saint Lazare/Autun that is very similar if not the original concept oof He Qi's rendition of EPIPHANY. YOu may want to check it. Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful find, Yvarra! Thank you for passing it along here.I plan to use the image you located in another post as we get a little closer to Epiphany. Happy New Year to you!


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