Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 1/16

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I slipped and fell on some black ice Monday night in the parking lot outside my office.  I'm very grateful that my friend Bill was with me!  It was impossible to get a footing on the invisible ice that had taken me down - I couldn't have got up without Bill's help...  

Let's pause for prayer...
I stumble, Lord, and fall - a lot!

I don't watch where I'm going,
I often lose my balance
and trip on my own mistakes...

Still, you never fail to help me up,
reaching out with your strong arms...

You're always there to lift me up,  

to dust me off,
to offer me a second chance
and help me on my way...

So, when I'm hard pressed, Lord,
and when I get in my own way;
when I'm unsteady on my feet
and need your help to keep my balance;
when I'm the rut, the pothole
on the road where others travel:

     make steady all my steps,
     let your wisdom be my balance
     - and catch me as I fall...
And may my stride not trip my neighbor
walking with me, by my side...
I was hard pressed and falling
but the LORD came to my help...
- Psalm 118:13


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