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My friend Alden Solovy writes "Jewish prayers from the heart" over at To Bend Light.com  Given Alden's faith I'm sure his recent post was not intended for Lent!  Still, I was taken by how his prayer for "Renewal" serves so well our annual season of repentance.  Even his illustration (above) comes to us in Lenten hues and the promise of spring!  As Alden's prayer suggests, please make yourself a quiet place to begin, even today, to enter a season of renewal of mind, heart and soul...
Make for yourself
A quiet place,
Beyond the noise and chaos,
A place of refuge and retreat
To renew your mind.

Make for yourself
A prayer place,
Beyond the fear and doubt,
A place of comfort and calm
To renew your heart.

Make for yourself
A healing space,
Beyond the shadows and grief,
A place of hope and love
To renew your soul.

Teach me to use my moments and days
As acts of renewal,
Drawing your divine energy
Into my life
So that I may serve You
And Your creation
With the fullness of my being.

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  1. Thank you for positing the names of the 21 new martyrs. I've been thinking about them and their families as well as their murderers. Thanks also for the prayer by Elizabeth Scalia.


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