Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/15

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Here's a prayer that might be very appropriate in these last few days before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday this week. (These are the lyrics of "Hear My Prayer" by Moya Brennan on her CD, Signature.  An audio follows below the text.)
Hear my prayer
Bring me through the darkness,
Hear my heart
Draw me in
On this bright, new morning
Here I am, stay with me
Never too late to forgive
Here I am, set me free
Sing Hallelujah

Angels walk with me
Guide me to the water's edge
Wash away my doubts, my fears 
Lord, strengthen me and bring me back to you
Change my heart
With a gentle touch you change my world
Hold me close
Fill my life with beauty
Hear my voice, stay with me
Bring cool water to my lips
Hear my prayer, set me free
Sing Hallelujah

Hear My Prayer by Máire (Moya) Brennan on Grooveshark


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