Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/8

Burning last year's palm to make ashes

Ten days away, Lord,
ten days 'til Lent...

I can remember so many false starts
and unkept promises starting with,
"This Lent's going to be different!"

And then, it wasn't...

But this year
I want to get a head start on Lent
and prepare, plan and get ready
for what begins ten days from now
when my forehead is smudged with ashes...

Actually, Lord,
I want to give you a head start,
an early beginning to work on me:
to change my mind about some things,
to massage away the hardness in my heart,
to turn my imagination to things
beautiful, honest and fair...

I know you have a plan, Lord,
a plan for what you want to do
in my heart, in my life, this Lent...

You know everything I need, Lord,
and all the things I don't need
and the things I need to lose,
to let go, to give up or give away...

Help me see your plan for me,
your Lenten plan for me, Lord,
and begin now, to ready me
for that day, ten days from now,
when I'll come for ashes and pray
that, indeed, "this Lent will be different..."



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