Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/12

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I'm not neatly put together
   so I'm grateful for your patience, Lord,
      when I'm all at loose ends...

My tendency to make mistakes
   makes me grateful for the mercy
      you never fail to offer...

When I'm really being foolish, Lord,
   I'm grateful for your wisdom,
      the word you speak within me...

When pride's behind my words and deeds
   I'm grateful for the ways you have
      to tame my self-esteem...

When I'm busy doing many things
  I'm grateful for your calling me
     to do what what's most important...

When I'm lazy and indifferent, Lord,
   I'm grateful for all the ways
      you kick me in the butt...

When I'm giving up or giving in
   I'm grateful for the promise
      and the hope you hold before me...

I'm grateful for your patience, Lord,
   your mercy, word and grace,
      and all the ways you hold me fast...

My prayer life's not quite faithful
   so I'm grateful that you're always there
      each time I come to pray...

And when I truly pause for prayer
   I'm grateful for your listening
      to hear my every word...



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