The Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross by Eric Armusik

The Stations of the Cross is an ancient devotion in the Catholic Church.  Most Catholic church buildings feature images of the story of the suffering and death of Jesus, usually found on the walls surrounding the sanctuary. Stations are often prayed by groups of people in Lent on Friday afternoons or evenings.  Here's a brief history of the Stations of the Cross.  And here's a link to a contemporary rendering of the Stations.

You might want to check your parish schedule to see if the Stations of the Cross are being prayed in your church.

This video offers an opportunity to pray the Stations of the Cross at home, online. It's only 6 minutes long but of course one could pause the video at each station and pray for a longer time.

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  1. What is the naming of the sixth station if he didn't meet Veronica in this version?
    What is the story behind it.?

  2. The 6th Station in this series IS Veronica.

  3. I'm looking for a story..
    It runs along with the stations of the cross, it is between the time he meets Veronica and the time he gets help..
    As Jesus was carrying his cross he had ran into a man with a towel around his head just as its shown..he had told him something, making fun of him, laughing at his death or laughing at him while he was praying to the sky thinking it was his father..I'm not quite sure if I can find it but it appeared to me that that picture in the 6th station was that story, I wanted to expand on it or get a little insight on where I can find it..
    That is why I though it was a whole new version itself..
    Another thought I had is why isn't that story part of the stations if that was one of the important things he witnessed during his walk..

  4. The newer versions of the Stations are based on ONLY what is found in the scripture. Veronica does not appear in the gospels, nor does the man you describe. The older Stations include material that is not scripturally based. I hope that's helpful for your purposes.


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