Word for the Weekend: FEBRUARY 8

Job by Jason Edmond Beaird

"I am filled with restlessness until the dawn," said Job.

Whatever the clime where you live, now is the time - for reading, studying, praying with the scriptures for this coming weekend, the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The texts for February 8 and background material on them can be found here. Taking children to church with you? Check out this site for helping young ones prepare to hear the Lord's word on Sunday.

This week's first lesson is taken from the Book of Job - and it's a selection that fits our common notions about Job to a T! Unfortunately, it's not at all clear why this passage was chosen to pair with the day's gospel which tells the story of Jesus healing Peter's mother-in-law and then many others. (Generally, the first reading each Sunday is thematically tied to the day's gospel passage.)

Still, there will be many who feel like Job and many who long for a healing touch from Jesus so these texts definitely speak to all of us. And between these two texts we find St. Paul flexing his muscles as a faithful preacher of the gospel.


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