Monday Morning Offering: March 16

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Simply Living Lent – Week Four
Each Monday in Lent you'll find here, for the coming week, a prayer for the Morning and a prayer for the Evening - and reminders for fasting and caring for the poor...

Dear God,
Another day dawns under your watchful eye.
I wonder what you see
when you look upon our world and our lives.
What do you see when you look into my mind,
my imagination, my heart?

Fill my mind, today, Lord, with thoughts of peace...

Touch my imagination with a vision
of the person you made and call me to be...

Sweep my heart clean with the new broom of your mercy...

Help me to see and to accept
what you offer to help me do in this Lenten season...

Open my eyes this day to every opportunity you offer me
to grow in faith and grace...

And I have a special favor to ask of you, Lord, here it is...

My heart is filled with concern for some folks I know
who need your help,
and whose names I lift up to you now...
Lord, in your love and mercy, hear my prayer.

Our Father...

I pray for a good night’s sleep, Lord,
and I pray for those whose sleep is stolen
by the sounds and fury of war.

I pray for those who put their lives on the line for their nation,
and I pray for their families and friends.

I pray for those whose poverty puts them in harm’s way this night.

And I pray for those who are haunted this night
by memories of a past in need of healing.

Over us all, Lord, spread the mantle of your protection:
deliver us from every evil and grant us peace in our day,
the peace that is yours alone to give...

Grant me deep and safe sleep, Lord,
that tomorrow I might serve you and my neighbor
with a generous heart.

Hail Mary...

•This week,

the particular food or beverage I'll go without is...  
•This week, the particular activity or pleasure I'll give up is...  
•This week, the old, bad habit I’ll try to let go of is... 

•This week I’m donating groceries to the local food pantry ___  
•This week I’m shopping for the Parish Easter Giving Tree ___  
•This week, I’m contributing to my Lenten offering box or my favorite charity ___  
•This week, I'll reach out to those in need by ___

You might print this post and place it where it will be at hand.
Adapt the options for Caring for the Poor

to your particular circumstances.



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