Monday Morning Offering: March 9

Simply Living Lent - Week Three
Each Monday morning in Lent you'll find here, for the coming week, a prayer for the Morning and the Evening and reminders for fasting and caring for the poor.  You might use this prayer to plan you week or return to it every day...

Morning Prayer 
Dear God,
Is it true you have a plan for everything?
Well, I’m not sure that everything in my life 

is going “according to plan.”

I know that sometimes what I plan 

probably isn't what what you plan 
and, well...
we both know what comes of that!

Maybe in this third week of Lent
you could help me understand your plan for me,
even just a little better...

Help me to see your plan, your hand,
in my busyness and loneliness,
in my confusion and my insights, 
in my joys and sorrows,
in my strengths and fears, 
at my work, in my home and in my heart -
in the mixed-up jumble my life so often seems to be...

Plan some time for us to meet today, Lord
- and help me plan to show up for that meeting!

Oh, and I have a favor to ask of you, Lord, and here it is…

And there are some folks I know who need your help:
you know their names already, but let me mention them now…

Lord, in your love and mercy, hear my prayer…

Our Father...

Night Prayer 
Another day is done, Lord!
I’m grateful that you stayed by my side
even when I followed my own plan and not yours.
Help me to follow more faithfully tomorrow!
Give me good rest, I pray,
and bring an end to the nightmare that is war in our world.
Send your angel of peace to shelter my family and friends,
and your children everywhere,
especially the poor, the innocent, and those who have been abused.
As I sleep this night, Lord,
fill me with the grace and strength I will need
to walk the path you have planned for me tomorrow…

Hail Mary...

•This week,
the particular food or beverage I'll go without is...
•This week,
the particular activity or pleasure I'll give up is...
•This week,
the old, bad habit I’ll try to let go of is... 

•This week
I’m donating groceries to the local food pantry ___
•This week
I’m shopping for the Parish Easter Giving Tree ___
•This week,
I’m contributing to my Lenten offering box
or my favorite charity ___
•This week, I'll reach out to those in need by ___

You might print this post and place it where it will be at hand.
Adapt the options for Caring for the Poor

to your particular circumstances.


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