Pause for Prayer - SUNDAY 3/8

by Gwen Meharg

I come to you today
with a heart I sometimes hide
for fear you'll guess my secrets,
all my secrets...

(As if you don't already know them!)

My heart looks for a way
to keep you from discovering,
from seeing just how much
my heart needs mending,
how much I need your healing...

Would I go to a doctor, Lord,
and hide my pain, my wound,
my weakness?

(Of course not!)

How foolish, then, to come to you,
Physician of my soul,
and think that you won't find
and reach to heal
the brokenness I try to hide...

Help me know
that sin can build no wall
to keep you out,
that my need for healing
won't put off but will invite
your touch of tender mercy...

Lift me up from fear and shame
into your arms, O Lord
and let me know again
your saving peace within me
and the gift of joy
it never fails to bring...

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