Word for the Weekend: MARCH 8

Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple by Michael Smithers

Ahead of us is the Third Sunday of Lent.  There are options for the scripture readings this Sundays.  Parishes baptizing adults at the Easter Vigil will use the readings for Year A.  Parishes not preparing for adult baptisms may use either the scriptures from year A or from the current Year B. (The A readings are especially apt and aligned with the rites and prayers for the elect on the next three Sundays.)  In my parish, we'll be using the readings from Year B which begin with the Ten Commandments and end with Jesus driving the money changers from the temple.

Here are links to the scriptures and background notes on them for Year A and Year B.

For those bringing children to Mass, the Sadlier page provides the scriptures and notes for Year B.


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